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These women artisans from Wellpaper Auroville make upcycled products... - Indulge Express, 2021

These women artisans from Wellpaper Auroville make upcycled products for a living, but their survival looks difficult

Started by Danny Merguei, Wellpaper has built a community of women artisans around Auroville after the 2004 tsunami wreaked havoc

Ayesha Tabassum | Published : | 08th March 2021 06:11 PM

Chitra was one of the first women to join Wellpaper and has stayed with them since then. She is adept in creating products such as baskets, bowls, hair and home accessories from recycled newspapers. Just like her, there are other women from Kottakarai, a nearby village who have been trained in not only the craft but also in training other self-help groups of women in different towns and villages. “After joining Wellpaper a lot of things changed for me. Along with learning the craft, I learnt how to run a business and also to speak in English. I learnt to be independent in life,” says Chitra who trains other artisans in cities such as Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

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