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For over 25 years, I have been experimenting with Creative Recycling and Upcycling of various found materials into artworks and functional artifacts. The project was conceived in hopes of making visible what is overlooked, the constant buying and throwing away, the overconsumption, creating trash which is still useful, simultaneously allowing personal expression with both intuition and intention. 


My process is experiential, interactive and invariably altering. For Sculptures and installations, I use different working techniques: coiling, layering, and crochet. I sculpt with eco-friendly air-dry clay made from a mixture of recycled components which does not require any firing with paper pulp.


Born in Israel, 1962
Lives in Herzliya, Israel

Education & Work

1992 B.A in Social Work, Tel Aviv University

1992-1998 Social worker at Herzliya municipality, worked with teenagers and
individuals with special needs, operated an art studio, and gave workshops for the
after-school program.

1999-2001 Member of a group of social workers, recipients of the award from
Keren Shalam, Israel, 1999 Social worker at Chimes Israel. Provided support and
rehabilitation services to people with special needs.

2001-2004 Taught Upcycling art in the after-school program, Side by Side school,

2005-2015 Co-founder and executive of Wellpaper, Auroville. Up-cycling mainly
newspaper and plastic bottles, to create a range of products; creatively training local
women to grow independently and financially, for achieving self-sustainability.

2015-2020 Member of Hibiscus Art Village, Artist Organization, Auroville, India.

2007- 2020 Co-founder and executive of Well Studio Cafe, Auroville; a social
enterprise that strived to solve equality in employment for local women in the food
industry by on-the-job training, paired with ongoing career coaching and support.

2016 Guest Lecturer for Social Entrepreneurship and Ecological practices event organized by the Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs’ Association and the Israel Embassy.

2019 Faculty member of the AV Art foundation course, Upcycling art program, Auroville, India.

2018-2020 Member of a group of artists who started the Upcycling shop and education center, Auroville, India.

Upcycled Fashion:
2017 & 2018 Organized Trashion show in People climate march in Tel Aviv,Israel.

2017 Showcased garments made from waste in Midburn festival, Israel.

2017 Participated in the Women's peace train and showcased fashion created from
waste, Israel.

2010 Participant in the Ethical fashion show in Paris

Selected Exhibitions:
2022 Tribal & Israeli Art Gallery, "New Life." Solo exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel.
December-January 2022

2021 Zoo Botanical garden, Group exhibition, Nahariya, Israel. December 2021

2021 ZOA house TLV, 'Covid 19 in 21', Group exhibition, Israel. October 2021

2021 "Doing a craft-Female Kraftism." Group exhibition. The Association for Women & Art
and Gender Research in Israel and Bar- Ilan University. June 2021.

2021 The Gallery, “Shadow of a doubt”, group exhibition, Herzliya, Israel, April 2021

2020 The Gallery, “Coronart”, group exhibition, Herzliya, Israel, July 2020

2020 Hibiscus Art Village, group exhibition, Auroville, India, Feb 2010-2020

2017 Kala Kendra, group exhibition, Auroville, India, March 2017

2016 Upcycling Studio Exhibition, works by three artists, Auroville, India.

2015 Unity Pavilion, “Unity in diversity”, group exhibition, Auroville, India.

2015 International Artists' Workshop, group exhibition, Hangzhou, China.

2021 Outstanding Artist Award by the Israeli Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.

Art Installations:
2017-2019 Auroville Film Festival, India.

2019 Marina Mall, Chennai, India.

2018 Tasmai Center for art & culture, Pondic
herry, India.

Artist Residency:
2018 Chittorgarh Art Festival art residency, India.

2015 International Artists' Workshop, Hangzhou, China.

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